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Client Comments
“My son in law in Staten Island received his permanent green card last week only 9.5 months after his application. I want to thank you sincerely for your assistance as well as expressing my gratitude to the office in the US for their personalized service and outstanding professionalism. You can imagine that his friends in Borough Park are bewildered and still waiting for the green card to come through after years of futility. They still don't understand that it pays to hire real professionals who care and it is worth the price. Thank you again for all the help you've extended to me and family through the years.”
M. Adilman, MSW
Binyomin M. Adilman, MSW Israel
“We've just returned from our trip to the U.S. with three brand new American citizens. Your assistance and expertise helped make this process surprisingly simple, fast and stress-free. In St. Albans everything went smoothly, and the interview itself was just a formality. It was nice to see that they had my father's original file sent over, so I got to look at the documents he himself submitted in the 70s to get his citizenship. So thank you again.”
Shai, Yafit, Ori, Eran and Dan Finger
Shai, Yafit, Ori, Eran and Dan Finger Ramat HaSharon
“I wanted to thank you for your dedicated care. You succeeded against all odds to issue my son an American citizenship, through grandparents, just before he turned 18 years old. You are a true champion, first of all because you were honest and sincere in presenting me with the truth that the chances of us succeeding are not high, and secondly, that after I managed to organize the documents needed, you managed to arrange a meeting for us in the U.S. ASAP, so we could get citizenship in time. Even the clerk at the U.S. Citizenship Office mentioned your name and that you are something special!!! You are available at any hour and very efficient, and most important, you have the critical connections needed to advance processes that usually are complex and take a long time.”
Pnina Ben
Pnina Ben Gal Israel
"We also want to say thanks so much for all of your help! We really appreciate all of the effort and quick responses and attention. We're very happy we went through this process with you and your guidance."
Sharon and Roy
Sharon and Roy Israel
"I reside in Argentina, and have been working with Michele Coven on US citizenship matters for my children. Michele has proven to be highly experienced on the subject, providing a very professional and diligent service throughout the process."
Eduardo Zemborain
Eduardo Zemborain Argentina
"We just came back from the States and want to update you that everything went smoothly in Saint Albans and Burlington. The children received the certificates of citizenship and the social security cards. Thank you so much for helping us through this process!"
David and Dorit
David and Dorit Israel
"I would like to thank you for your assistance in this process. Your tip to go to Vermont was excellent! We managed to finish doing the immigration, passport and social security very quickly. The day after we came back home, the social security card was waiting in the mail. You gave me good tips and were very kind and I would like to thank you for this. You can be sure that I will recommend you for whomever will need to go through this process."
Noam Garber
Noam Garber Israel
"Michele, thank you for your help, advice and support. You walked us through the complicated process to make my children American, and you were with us every step of the way. Without you we would have spent thousands of dollars and many months dealing with immigration, and instead we had a simple short process with was successful. We cannot thank you enough for saving us the time and money. Your quick and reassuring replies kept us informed and stress free. Thank you!"
Moshe Chaim Levenberg
Moshe Chaim Levenberg Israel
"I would like to thank you for the great work and success in our case. We received Naturalization for all of our four children and the passports are on their way to us by mail. I would like to point out the confidence you gave us and the way you helped us fill all of our papers and scheduled us the appointment in the U.S Embassy."
Merav Rachmanov
Merav Rachmanov Israel
"I wanted to thank you for guiding us through the citizenship process. Knowing we had you through out this process gave us a sense of security that we have it all under control and any obstacles will be resolved with in a timely fashion as was the case with us. Thank you!"
Akiva Harow
Akiva Harow Israel
"Just wanted to say thank you for helping get my daughter Shira citizenship. We were in Albany 5 days ago. The whole process took 5 minutes. They were very nice. Thank you so much for great work."
Adina Nissim
Adina Nissim Israel
“I now have three new US citizen children naturalized using their grandfather’s residency. I was very happy with Michele Coven’s work. I chose her because she clearly has experience in the N600K field – I am not interested in paying lawyers to learn their work. Her fees are low for legal assistance; I believe that this is because she knows this area of law very well and so is much more efficient than many others might be. I live in Europe and it was no problem working with Michele using Skype, phone and email.”
Paul Harmsworth Europe
"I strongly recommend working with Michele. She is a great professional. The interaction with her is very efficient, she knows her work and managed to obtain my son's U.S. citizenship in a splendid way. We live in Argentina and our case was quite complex, but thanks to her detailed knowledge of the current legislation, she was able to complete all the necessary forms and requirements minimizing our participation in the process. Finally, she managed to get us the citizenship hearing in the place and date that best suited us. We couldn't be happier with the results."
Martin Zemborain
Martin Zemborain Argentina
"Michele is exceptionally personable, a pleasure to converse with, and determined to assist in any way possible. A rare gem of an attorney that is not commonly found. A friend to those in search of legal assistance in their quest for U.S. citizenship and immigration to the United States."
Kent Manning
Kent Manning Canada
”Mrs. Michele Coven Wolgel is a competent, reliable and trustworthy lawyer with exceptional legal skills in handling US citizenship issues. I live in Greece and I worked with Mrs. Wolgel internationally on a family case. Michele garners my unequivocal recommendation as she is highly efficient with great interpersonal skills and perseverance, an outstanding professional! For Michele, true professionalism knows no distance.“
Maria K
Maria K Greece
”I am a US Citizen, but had live almost all my life in Nicaragua, Central America. My problem is that I do not comply with the years of physical residency to pass citizenship to my children. So with my daughter things started to look gray. Last December, she was six months away from her 18th birthday, and I found myself almost hopeless about her situation. I knew that the citizenship through a grandparent existed, but was completely misguided about it at U.S. Embassy in Managua. I searched the internet and found Michele Coven Wolgel. Got in contact with Michele, and let me tell you in 2 months I got my interview day for March 12 in Albany New York. Much more the time was taken for translation from Spanish to English, or waiting for the big December snow storm in Jerusalem to cease, than the actual time that Michele took to get the interview for my daughter. I am really, extremely thankful to her, she is a very professional person.“
Roxana Waid
Roxana Waid Nicaragua
”We started late in the N600k process for our eldest daughter and were facing the prospect of her timing out. Having spent valuable time and dollars on so-called immigration lawyers who were unable to help, we stumbled across Michele’s name while doing a web search. She immediately took on the case and within hours had organized an appointment with USCIS. Subsequently she processed our other three children , involving moving files from one office to another, and all 4 are now US citizens. Michele has her own way of doing things and it works. We found her to be a consummate professional throughout and wish to express our thanks again.“
Trish and Jerry
Trish and Jerry Dublin, Ireland